Anecdotes of a Sleep Deprived Child
I wanted to text you. But then I remembered we don’t talk anymore.
What to bring for orientation
W 11: 40 am
bring condoms
C 11: 40 am
since you are going to be on the prowl with me
W 11: 40 am
too good wesley too good

Hi Christopher,

Congratulations! By signing up for the Den Sports Pass prior to June 15th, your name was entered into a random prize drawing to thank you for your continued support of the UCLA athletic program. You’ve been selected to receive the grand prize, one (1) 26” Flat Screen T.V.!

:D that is 1 less thing to buy for college :D

ucla fail

Michael Hung

Bieber Hall Triple! Session ONE OH SEVEN!

Bin Laden died
brwn 8: 47 pm
watch us geet raped tomorrow
1000 nukes
brwn 8: 48 pm
a few nueks at least
Chris 8: 49 pm
Chris 8: 50 pm
thats good
if they blow up collegeboard
i'll be happy
brwnn 8: 50 pm
fuck ap chem
: D
My school schedule:


Getting up in the morning:

After getting ready:

Getting to school and seeing my friends:

That one class you love because you have your best friend with you:

That one class where you always fuck with the teacher:

That one class you really hate:

That bitch in one of your classes that won’t shut up and you just want to be like:

That sexy acrobatic skill you need to have in order to get to your locker at P.E.:


Getting home:

well put my spongey friend

schools don’t reject me, i reject them
College:Eleanor Roosevelt CollegeMajor:Chemical Engineering

You have logged on to the UC San Diego application status site. We have received your request to decline our offer of admission. While we regret that you will not be a part of the UC San Diego student body, we wish you much success in your academic endeavors.

now that i did that

ohlone please don’t be so cruel to me

The moment you walk through a Spider web…
Gotta get down on friday

Gotta get down on friday